Monday, 24 June 2019

The Need For Automation to run a Club efficiently

Implementing club solutions with more than 50 clubs in various parts of country we have learnt members at each club today expect a consistent quick and efficient service with the digital mechanism means club website / Mobile APPS. This is what brings the need for automation in club industry.

Manually adding each detail about a member with precision is a nightmare. Even managing data through excel sheets where  a club has more than 200 members is really really difficult / painful.

This is where the use of technology takes over. Automation of club services streamlines club operations. It also keeps a record of all the minute specifies that the members want, which would otherwise be a long hectic process if done manually. Using technology would also ensure reduced human errors and thereby more efficiency.

Not having an automated club management software in club's daily operations will make work hectic, unorganized and much more prone to errors.

Various Module which can be automated in a club are

POS (Point of Sale, both Restaurant and Bar)

Room Booking

Party / Venue Booking

Stock Management

Membership Management

Smart Card

Order by Mobile


Payment Gateway

Facilities Booking

All in all, automation in the club operations ensures definite growth by retaining maximum members.

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