Saturday, 19 October 2019

Features Of Club Management Software

Below should be features of any club management application

Authentication Management

Inventory Control

Membership management

Facility Management

Online Room Booking


Party hall booking

Restaurant / Bar Management

Payment Gateway Integration

Smart Card Management

Integrated with Accounts Systems

Bulk Email

Bulk SMS

Member Mobile Apps

HR Module

Guest Entry

Reception Management

Smart Order Taking Apps

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Saturday, 3 August 2019

Club members and Member's Guest entry authentication by ID (Smart Cards) advantages

Deploying club management solution to more than 50 clubs in various parts of India we have noticed few pain areas of every club. Those points are as below.

1. Not getting dues on time from members.

2. Members who has been disqualified or suspended by club is still enjoying facility at club as there is not check in mechanism at gate.

3.  Members are avoiding to pay guest entry fees by not disclosing number of guests as there is no system at gate.

4. Most clubs are unable to update member's photographs in there ERP system.

5. Club can not put PC (Personnel computer) at gate. Providing LAN (Local Area Network) cable is an another challenge.

To overcome all these challenges, we at  (BSD Infotech Private Limited) through its Club Management Software has build solutions.

Solution detail is as below

1. Through NFC based handheld device guard at gate will be able to scan member card, able to see photograph of member, if no photograph is available able to click photograph, able to make guest entry.

2. With a small Bluetooth printer able to generate receipt for guest entry and then member pay at reception.

3. Member gets message on his mobile about there guests.

4. Guard is able to click guest photograph also.

Major advantages we noticed

1. There were clubs who were struggling to get dues more than 2 years from members. Once management makes it compulsory that entry will be done by card only clubs gets 80% to 90% old dues from members.

2. Club start to get guest revenue.

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Thursday, 11 July 2019

Delhi’s Prestigious Social Clubs & Associations

Delhi’s Prestigious Social Clubs & Associations

  • Punjabi Bagh Club
  • Roshanara Club
  • Delhi Gymkhana Club
  • Chelmsford Club
  • National Sports Club of India
  • Holiday Club
  • New Friends Club
  • Jahanpanah Club
  • Defence Colony Club
  • Vasant Vihar Club
  • Gulmohar Park Club
  • Neeti Bagh Club
  • Naraina vihar club
  • Sarvapriya vihar club
  • Great Gatsby Club
  • Safdarjung Enclave Club
  • Janak Puri Club
  • Air Force Club
  • DSOI Club
  • CSOI Club
  • Anand Niketan Club

Many of these clubs are using club management software to maintain club efficiently. Few are in planning. 

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Sunday, 7 July 2019

5 Benefits of Mobile Apps for Clubs

Young minds or we can say Millennial are now on mobiles and its very important for Clubs to get mobile friendly if club wants to maximize there reach and wants to interact with members frequently.

Members are mobile friendly

Best way to increase and improve communication with members

Best way to increase and improve engagement

Fastest way to recover dues

Apps are omnipresent

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Role of mobile App for Club Members

Getting developed Mobile Application is a great way to enhance experience of its members for any club. To improve instant communication with its members, engage them spontaneously and gather their feedback a mobile app is an effective and inexpensive tool having everything.

To send surveys, emails, push notifications instantly mobile application is the best way.

Club management software name as "BISTRO" has following features.

1. Member Profile

2. Announce new programs

3. Upcoming events

4. Payment Details

5. Past Bills

6. Room Booking

7. Conference Booking

8. Party / Banquet Booking

9. Sports facility status

10. Library books status

11. Auditorium booking

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Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Does your club have an online presence?

India is having close to 4000 clubs. We have done a survey and found the following amazing facts.

1. 95% clubs are still using emails provided by free platforms like gmail / Hotmail.

2. 75% clubs either does not have website and if they have they do not have functional website.

3. Less that 3% clubs allow its members to pay online.

4. Less that 1% clubs are using digital platform  properly.

We at provides end to end digital solutions to club like

1. Club website

2. Emails through club own website

3. A website where members can access there personal information after making secure login

4. Members can pay online

5. Members can access there bills.

6. Members can book facilities online (Room / Banquet / Conference Rooms)

Through the same website as a next step to digitization members can download Android and IOS mobile Apps.

A tool to engaging with members, fantastic opportunity to strengthen your relationship and build loyalty to your club.

Digital marketing provides the opportunity to increase your customer base.

Building conversation with your customers through website.

Engaging with your customers online can save your club money, by reducing service costs or spending on traditional communication channels like print and post.

Your website is the best starting point. This is part of what is referred to as ‘owned’ media, meaning you own and control the content. Ensuring your website is user friendly, up to date and provides customers with information in a clear and concise way is vital to deepening your relationship with your members and guests. Make sure it is easy for people to find out what events are on, and to contact the club and be responded to in a timely manner.

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Monday, 24 June 2019

The Need For Automation to run a Club efficiently

Implementing club solutions with more than 50 clubs in various parts of country we have learnt members at each club today expect a consistent quick and efficient service with the digital mechanism means club website / Mobile APPS. This is what brings the need for automation in club industry.

Manually adding each detail about a member with precision is a nightmare. Even managing data through excel sheets where  a club has more than 200 members is really really difficult / painful.

This is where the use of technology takes over. Automation of club services streamlines club operations. It also keeps a record of all the minute specifies that the members want, which would otherwise be a long hectic process if done manually. Using technology would also ensure reduced human errors and thereby more efficiency.

Not having an automated club management software in club's daily operations will make work hectic, unorganized and much more prone to errors.

Various Module which can be automated in a club are

POS (Point of Sale, both Restaurant and Bar)

Room Booking

Party / Venue Booking

Stock Management

Membership Management

Smart Card

Order by Mobile


Payment Gateway

Facilities Booking

All in all, automation in the club operations ensures definite growth by retaining maximum members.

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Saturday, 22 June 2019

How The #1 Club Software Can Make Your Life Easier

So why spend hours of your valuable time performing tiring, time-consuming administrative tasks for your club when you could be

enjoying the time by using #1 Club Software? Visit us at

Many other clubs have already automated their Club with our Club Management Software.

If you're wondering whether this type of software can make an impact at your club, you've come to the right place! In this article, I cover:

What is Club Management Software?

  • The #1 Software over 50 Clubs Use
  • How Automated Features Save You Time and Money
  • How to Get Your club fully automated with #1 Club Software
  • What is Club Management Software?

Club Management Software is an all-in-one management tool to help you eliminate and streamline administrative tasks from your workload to save you time and money. It’s usually comprised of 15 modules

  1. Membership Management
  2. Reception Module
  3. Subscription Module
  4. Smart Card Payments
  5. Mobile APP
  6. Visitor Entry
  7. Website
  8. Library
  9. Rooms Module
  10. Restaurant
  11. Bar Module
  12. Tally Integration
  13. Facilities Management
  14. Swimming Pool
  15. Games
  16. Card Room
  17. HR
  18. Access Control
  19. SMS and Email Communications

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