Saturday, 3 August 2019

Club members and Member's Guest entry authentication by ID (Smart Cards) advantages

Deploying club management solution to more than 50 clubs in various parts of India we have noticed few pain areas of every club. Those points are as below.

1. Not getting dues on time from members.

2. Members who has been disqualified or suspended by club is still enjoying facility at club as there is not check in mechanism at gate.

3.  Members are avoiding to pay guest entry fees by not disclosing number of guests as there is no system at gate.

4. Most clubs are unable to update member's photographs in there ERP system.

5. Club can not put PC (Personnel computer) at gate. Providing LAN (Local Area Network) cable is an another challenge.

To overcome all these challenges, we at  (BSD Infotech Private Limited) through its Club Management Software has build solutions.

Solution detail is as below

1. Through NFC based handheld device guard at gate will be able to scan member card, able to see photograph of member, if no photograph is available able to click photograph, able to make guest entry.

2. With a small Bluetooth printer able to generate receipt for guest entry and then member pay at reception.

3. Member gets message on his mobile about there guests.

4. Guard is able to click guest photograph also.

Major advantages we noticed

1. There were clubs who were struggling to get dues more than 2 years from members. Once management makes it compulsory that entry will be done by card only clubs gets 80% to 90% old dues from members.

2. Club start to get guest revenue.

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